We’re coming from technology entrepreneurship and investing into tech-ventures

Our mission is to create extraordinary returns to investors by funding the talented teams who are,

Ambitious to disrupt traditional industries

Capable in developing revolutionary technology

Fully dedicated, laser-focused and believe in team spirit

In this sense, we are committed to investing in the projects where public benefit is always a first priority.

BV Funds

Establishing funds focused on technology industry from seed stage to series B

Single LP

Any sector or area depending on your interest meeting with our expertise

BV Digital Asset Custody Management

We’re building bridges between traditional capital and crypto world.

Top 30 Crypto

Top 100 Crypto


Hybrid Fund

Advisory Services

Business Establishment in Middle East & Africa

Blockchain Implementation & Regulation

Merger and Acquisition

Networking, Business Development, Government Relations

Board Services

Increase the effectiveness of the board of directors by engaging impactful board members.

Counseling, capability building, digital transformation and developing new insights.

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