Welcome to the UP Tel Aviv Program!

Do you want to UP your capabilities and expand your startup to the world through the one-of-a-kind Israeli ecosystem (mentors, investors, and professionals)? Then UP Tel Aviv is waiting for you!

We are the first and only acceleration program focused on opening up Turkish startups to the Israeli ecosystem, and through it to the United States and global markets with a hybrid (75% online) agenda. This unique program has been designed by Boğaziçi Ventures, TURUNÇ Law Firm, GN-Z11 of Israel, and Reichman University, Israel’s #1 entrepreneurship school.

The program will be run in collaboration with the Amazon Web Services Startup Loft Accelerator program.

Online Program
Reach Israeli
Program starts
in Istanbul
Final Closing
in Israeli
All Costs Covered
by The Program Partners


  • Impact of combining the visions and experience of a venture capital fund, one of the largest technology companies in the world, a unicorn hive university, a leading high-tech law firm and an Israeli investment syndication group led by a Turkish-Israeli entrepreneur.
  • Israel’s leading entrepreneurship school, operated by Reichman University, which has graduated 13 unicorn founders, and AWS (Amazon) have agreed to join hands with us in creating this unique scale-up program. Reichman University will also provide a Reichman EXED Certificate of Participation for each participant.
  • Through the Reichman University Internship Program, participating startups will have the opportunity to obtain a first-hand perspective of the Israeli ecosystem with student trainees guided by the university. These trainees can become a bridge to connect startups with the larger Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Meeting Israeli and global market leaders and professionals who can guide you through the challenges of scaling up and expanding your network.
  • Specific hands-on training and guidance in addition to practical advice and tools from entrepreneurs who have already “made it”.
  • Improving entrepreneurial skills and the ability to attract the best employees, investors and business partners.
  • One-on-one investor meetings with local and global VC and CVC funds.
  • Benefit from the extensive AWS network of industry leaders, technology experts, serial entrepreneurs, investors, startup organizations, advisors and partners.
  • AWS Startup Loft Accelerator equips your technical team with tech resources, guidance and a community of peers.
  • Every participating startup is eligible to join the Activate program. This offers up to $25K to spend on AWS services, a free one-year AWS Business Support subscription for up to $5K, 80 credits for self-paced labs, access to the Activate Console plus exclusive member-only offers.


Interacting with Potential Investors
  • Identifying and contacting potential investors
  • Pitching strategies

  • Introduction to the Israeli ecosystem
  • Meeting players in the Israeli ecosystem

Global Expansion Strategies
  • Doing business in Israel, the United States and globally
  • Best corporate structures
  • Expanding your international network
  • Branding and working with the media

Business Strategy and Leadership
  • Business development and sales
  • Decision-making for entrepreneurs
  • The art of persuasion and presentation
  • Negotiation strategies for entrepreneurs

  • Data strategy
  • Design and implementation of an excellent customer journey
  • Product management tips

Human Resources
  • Hiring and managing the best employees
  • Building a healthy and inclusive corporate culture

Legal Matters
  • IP protection
  • Corporate forms
  • Data privacy
  • Expansion by mergers and acquisitions


Experienced team merging the Turkish and Israeli startup ecosystems


Experienced team merging the Turkish and Israeli startup ecosystems

Top Israeli university known for its entrepreneurship programs


Global tech company providing training and special incentives for startups

In-person and online sessions, seminars, workshops, and mentorship and coaching sessions

Networking events with Israeli and Turkish ecosystem players

1-on-1 meetings with leaders and professionals from the Israeli startup ecosystem

Impact of combining the visions and experience of strong organizations


  • Over 600 graduates of Reichman University have established their own startups.
  • According to Pitchbook, Reichman University ranks # 7 globally in terms of its contributions to the global entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • According to AWS, graduates of Reichman University have raised approximately 4.8 billion dollars.
  • 13 companies founded by Reichman University graduates have successfully expanded into global markets and become unicorns.

Loni Bahar

Kenan Çolpan

Beste Yıldizili Ergül

Yağmur Kavurucu

Yossi Maaravi

Gali Niv

Barış Özistek

Tunç Özgül

Gizem Sezer

Yaron Shilat

Canberk Taze

Kerem Turunç


Deadline for Applications: 5 February 2023

Evaluating Applications: 8 February – 17 February 2023

Program Schedule: 2 March 2023 – 1 July 2023 (18 Weeks)

In-person sessions: The program will start in Istanbul on 2-3 March 2023. Further sessions will be held in Istanbul one day a week during the weeks of 3 April and 10 April 2023. Closing sessions will take place in Israel during the week of 26 June 2023.

Online sessions: 6 weeks of Amazon and 8 weeks of Reichman University courses (average of 3 hours per week).

Eligibility: Early and growth-stage technology startups (excluding gaming), based in or with a strong connection to Turkey, who are looking to expand their operations in the U.S. and global markets through the Israeli ecosystem will be able to apply.

The 18-week program consists of 14 weeks of online and 4 weeks of onsite training. Founders must individually participate in the program and commit an average of 3 hours per week (with busier schedules during the kickoff and closure weeks).

The program’s kickoff week will be in-person in Istanbul and the closing week sessions will be held in-person in Tel Aviv. All other sessions will be online.

All costs will covered by the program partners.



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