Our Affiliates

BV Portföy

BV Portföy specializes in the establishment and management of investment funds subject to the Capital Markets Law, catering to individual and institutional investors. Technology takes center stage in BV Portfolio’s focus. The company establishes thematic investment funds comprising technology-focused shares and venture capital investment funds investing in technology companies.

The company, which creates funds based on next-generation technologies and managed by these technologies, is poised to transform traditional investment approaches. In addition to this, the company also provides portfolio management services to venture capital investment partnerships focused on technology companies.

BV Dijital

We are building bridges between the traditional capital and the crypto world.

In the current era where an inevitable shift is happening from the traditional investment world to the innovative crypto sphere, BV Digital offers personal and institutional investors maximum precautions to safeguard against the cyber risks of the crypto world. It provides products with fixed and absolute returns in USD and cryptocurrency, developed parallel to possible scenarios in the crypto market, offering significantly higher return opportunities compared to traditional markets. BV Digital also offers various services related to this market, following the approach of “Maximum Security, Optimal Distribution.” It is not only the sole ‘Digital Asset Custody’ structure in our country but also in the ‘institutional’ sense for the nearby regions.


hiVC is an early-stage venture capital that brings together early-stage ventures with winning business models, leading them to global success.