Boğaziçi Ventures

BV Growth

Invest in the future with BV Growth!

BV Portföy Game and Technology Balanced Fund

You can invest in the portfolio created by analyzing developed games and technologies.

BV Portfolio Statistical Arbitrage Free (TRY) Fund

Evaluate your Turkish Lira investments without market risk in our fund targeting absolute return above deposit.

Sinerji Venture Capital Investment Fund

Join the league of stars!

The only GSYF investing with expert investor groups in all innovative verticals from artificial intelligence to agricultural technologies.

BV Portföy Joygame Pre-IPO Venture Capital Investment Fund

Seize the opportunity to partner with Joygame GSYF.


Seize the opportunity to partner with LT GSYF.

BV Global

BV Global is the first established fund of BV. It is a friend and family fund established in 2015.

BV Portfolio Technology Balanced Fund

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, the first fund in Turkey that invests in global technology companies that will grow at an unstoppable pace with innovative business models using this technology.