BV Teknoloji İş Geliştirme Dan. Ve Org. Hi̇zmetleri̇ A.Ş.

Boğaziçi Ventures (“Company” or “Us”) is a company that was established under the purview of the laws of Turkey and acts as a data supervisor and places a maximum level of importance to the maintenance of its user’s (“User”, “You”) personal data and privacy.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is an inseparable part of the User Agreement (“Agreement”) and it was designed to inform you, our Users, on which of your personal data will be processed, how will your personal data be protected and your rights related to this matter according to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data Numbered 6698 (“LPPD”) and its related legislation.

Your ability to use any product or service (together “Products”) that is regulated in detail by the Agreement through any of the platforms (together “Platforms”) belonging to our Company or websites accessed through the BV Crypto app or and your ability to view or use any of the contents (“Contents”) contained within the Platforms relies on your acceptance of herein this agreement. By accepting this Policy, you expressly consent, within the scope of LPPD, to the processing of your personal data provided to us in accordance with this Policy. The term “process” used within this Policy defines the obtaining of your personal data through fully or partially automated means or through manual means provided that they are part of a data registry system and any other processes, which include the registry, storage, maintenance, alteration, rearrangement, publishing, transferral, acquisition, being made to be obtainable, classification and prevention of usage, that are carried out in regards to this data.

This Policy does not apply to other websites, applications, other platforms and programs that you may access through the web links on the Platforms, as we have no control over them.

Data Collection

With the condition that such collection is made automatically and according to the goals stated under this Policy and it is limited to the levels stated under the laws, the Company only collects information (I) that you have voluntarily shared with us while using the Platforms and (II) that was collected during your usage of the Products and Contents that are contained within the Platforms. The Company may ask you to send your personal information including your name, telephone number, e-mail address, age and/or date of birth and may also ask from you to update such information in cases of changes. We may also process the information you provide to Us in connection with your use of the Products and Contents, such as the type of your mobile device or computer, the language of your browser or your IP address.

The Company may also process your personal data collectively as anonymous data to analyze and reveal statistics on habits, usage patterns and demographic characteristics of user groups as a group or an individual. This type of anonymous data does not allow the identification of the associated users. The Company may share such anonymous data with third parties.

Storing and Disposal of Your Personal Data

The Company will securely store the data provied by You according to the details of Policy of Storage and Disposal of Personal Data for the duration specified under the Policy in question and it will take all necessary precautions, as necessitated by the LPPD and the related legislation, against the unauthorized access or collection of such data. Since the Company may occasionally request from you to update of your some information, it shall make necessary changes to this Policy, Agreement or the Policy of Storage and Disposal of Personal Data that will ensure the conformity of new documents and the application of new rules and regulations to such documents. Upon your requests or if any ex-officio or legal circumstances that necessitate the disposal within the scope of the LPPD emerge, your personal data shall be disposed of in accordance with the Policy of Storage and Disposal of Personal Data .

Legal Justification for the Processing of Your Personal Data and Their Usage

The personal information you have shared with our Company is processed, in accordance with the LPPD and any relevant secondary regulations, to develop and present our services in regards to the necessities of the law and the technology, to register the necessary information such as identification or address to determine process owner in this context, to regulate all records and documents that will provide a basis for payment systems, electronic agreements or any processes that are made on the medium of paper if such a regulation is necessitated by the related legislation or by our activities, to conform with the data storage, reporting, informing obligations that are prescribed by the legislation and other authorities and to be able to provide information to the relevant public officials, courts and prosecution offices when necessitated by matters related to public safety, legal disputes, legislation, and demands by such officies, and to share with third parties within the scope described by this Policy.

Our Company also processes your personal information only in accordance with LPPD and the applicable legislation. The Company uses your personal information within the company to improve the quality of the Products and services, deliver and improve the Products and Content that users purchase or use, and to maximize customer satisfaction.

The Company may use your personal data to generate internal statistics for marketing, consumer profiles or demographic surveys to tailor our Products and Content to meet your needs. Our goal is to better understand our customers and to provide them with better services.

If you provide personal or other data to the relevant third party service provider for the payment of the Purchased Products, you agree that you are solely responsible with the accuracy, exactitude and any material or immaterial matters, losses or damages that may arise in relation to the provision of the data or the execution of the process in question.

Who Your Information Is Shared With

Within the scope of the abovementioned goals, the persons and organizations to whom your personal data that you have shared with the Company may be transferred to are our shareholders, investors, direct or indirect domestic / foreign subsidiaries and any individuals and institutions that are related to the execution of our activities in regards to the provisioning of the Products and Contents, including but not limited to, third parties, institutions and domestic and foreign establishments that we cooperate with, receive services from or are our program partners with us as the Data Handlers.
Our Company will not share personally identifiable information with third parties for marketing purposes without Your consent. However, the Company may direct this data to third party vendors in relation to a Product order or add You to a commercial newsletter circulation list at any time, with you having the right to opt out of the newsletter at any time.

Some of the data collected by our Company may be shared with other users in order to display your profile. The scope of the information shown on your profile may be determined by you.

External websites and companies may access your personal information through links to the Platforms as part of your use of the Products and Content. These websites and companies are outside the scope of this Policy and the Policy will not apply to such websites and companies. Please refer directly to the privacy policy of such websites and companies.

The Company may share your personal information without your permission to comply with laws and court orders that require us to disclose this information. Additionally, if we deem that it is necessary for us to protect our interests, to prevent any illegal activities or fraud that may occur through the Platforms or to protect the legal rights of the Company, we may access or share the account or personally identifiable information. In cases of restructuring, sale or merger, we may transfer personally identifiable information to the relevant third party, except for the cases dictated by the law.

You also expressly consent that the Company may transfer your personal data abroad, with the condition that such transfers are limited to the circumstances stated under this Policy.

Your Rights

You may request access to your personal information or correct or update any out-of-date or incorrect personal information we hold about you.

The Company grants users the right to monitor the way their personal information is used by the Company. If you do not wish to benefit from the Company’s e-mails, newsletters and other informational articles please make an application to [email protected]

You have the absolute right to contact the Us and request changes to how your personal information is used. However, if you wish to remove the minimum personal details requested by the Company, please note that the Company may require You to provide the missing information again to continue using the Platforms.

Your rights under Article 11 of the LPPD are as follows:
a) To learn if your personal data has been processed or not,
b) Requesting information in relation to the process if your information was processed,
c) to learn the purpose of the data processing and if this data is used for intended purposes,
d) to learn which domestic or foreign third parties that this personal data was transferred to,
e) To request the rectification of incomplete or inaccurate personal data,
f) To request this personal data to be erased or destroyed under the conditions stipulated by Article 7,
g) to request notification to third parties in relation to the processes carried out according to the subparagraphs (e) and (f),
h) to object to any result to his/her detriment arising due to exclusive analysis of processed data with automatic systems,
i) To request indemnity if he/she incurs any damages due to unlawful processing of personal data.

Please submit your request for the use of the rights mentioned above to our Company in writing. In this context, to use any of your rights stated here, send your personal identification information and a request letter stating which of the above rights you wish to use to our company address or e-mail address below:

Address: Barbaros Mah. Begonya Sok. Nidakule Kuzey Kat: 16 Atasehir/Istanbul 34746 Türkiye
E-posta: [email protected]

Security Level

The Company pays utmost attention to the personally identifiable information as well as to the integrity and security of such information. For this reason, we ensure the unalterableness and security of the data provided by You by storing it in our high security databases that are being monitored constantly. We also do our best to ensure that any third parties to whom we may communicate this information provide sufficient assurance in regards to this personal information.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to alter this Policy at any time through the Platforms. Through sending notices, e-mails or by publishing announcements through our web site our application, we will notify You, as appropriate, of any significant or material changes to this notification. All changes are published on the Platforms and they become effective starting with the date of publication.

Place of Jurisdiction

This Policy is subject to Turkish law and Istanbul Çağlayan Courts shall be competent for the settlement of any disputes arising from the interpretation and implementation of this Policy.