M. Serkan Ömerbeyoğlu

Serkan Ömerbeyoğlu

Serkan Ömerbeyoğlu is one of the leading serial entrepreneurs and investors in Turkey.
Ömerbeyoğlu has extensive experience more than 20 years in the field of finance technology. In the era while the finance technologies were freshly in development, he was in the founding team of the Provus, first payment processing companies in Turkey, providing secure and modern solutions for credit card, ATM and POS transactions. Provus was later acquired by Mastercard. After his exit, he was a co-founder of Ininal, the biggest pre-paid card program manager. He also managed the exit process of Ininal to Up Group, financial technology company in Europe.
Serkan Ömerbeyoğlu, invested in many innovative technology initiatives such as Colendi and MenaPay, is the co-founder of Next Ventures investment fund making investments in technology companies based in London.
Serkan Ömerbeyoğlu was one of the masterminds of Türkiye Ortak Ödeme Platformu (Turkey Joint Payment Platform), founded by group of companies in the fields of banking, telecommunication, transportation and finance.