Yusuf Bora Çetinoğlu

Bora Çetinoğlu

Bora Çetinoğlu, who is a computer engineer, is the former senior project manager in Ericsson Middle East and Africa region. Çetinoğlu managed the foundation process of Fina Enerji, which is under the umbrella of Fiba Holding, and took the role of chief executive of the company.
In his professional business life of over 12 years, in terms of entrepreneurship to which he inclined after many senior manager positions, Çetinoğlu established See Power Trading which is the biggest electricity business corporation in the Eastern Europe and he inclined to Internet- and technology-oriented initiatives after the sales of the company in 3 years. He is the founding partner of Boğaziçi Ventures; he supported technology initiatives as a member of the BV Global venture investment fund committee and takes place in the executive boards of many technology companies.